Presentation Skills

Presenting a product or Service or a concept is very exciting, is not it? But are you losing sleep over that goose bumps and getting tensed on how to face that presentation session in front of a group of unknown people? Do you have fear of failure? We empower you to embrace the 4I's of success here - Initiation, Introduction, Interaction and Impact.

Interaction – This is the most common part of a presentation where you interact with your audience – you are actually presenting it and answering the question that the audience throws out to you. But for a successful Presentation this may carry just 20% of weightage. What’s more?

Introduction – Morning shows the day. An interesting introduction can set up the pace and audience’s expectation right away. It makes the first impressions. It carries 10% of the overall weightage of the Presentation. What else?

Initiation – This comes even before the Introduction – it builds up the entire arsenal for you to win the audience and competition and carries 20% more weightage for your presentation.

Impact – Remaining 50% weightage comes from here. Apart from other Three I’s above we show you to leave a lasting impact at beginning, during and after the Presentation.
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