Personal Finance

Your hard earned Money matters and you cannot afford any leakage in there!

Saving money at 4% interest rate in bank account will not help you to beat the inflation which at times touches even 7%. Neither 8% of return from FD remains 8% - inflation and tax deductions bring it down to even -2%. How does that happen?

We start with building up your knowledge on the basic and advanced concepts of Finance in a very easy way. We demystify Money, Inflation, Tax, Capital Gain, Demat, Share, Mutual Fund, Index, NIFTY, Sensex, NASDAQ, Capital Market, Mutual Fund, ELSS, ETF, NPS, Pension Funds, Annuities, Life/Health/Property/Motor Insurance and many more.

We then support you to evaluate your current financial status and set up a monthly budget. Then set up the time bound requirement of funds that you need to fulfill those requirements without hampering your monthly budget.

How to save and invest effectively? How to be financially prepared for any unforeseen unpleasant event? How to plan your retirement and your children's education? How to ready for that Birthday/anniversary gift in a planned way to avoid a crunch in monthly budget? Its all in planning your personal finance effectively – We are right there to support you.

We neither provide any support for Stock/Fund Trading nor handle any form of investment on your behalf – we empower you to do all of your own.
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